The Plus Side to Plus Size

Some great words from an even greater woman.


This weekend I visited a few friends in D.C who were graduating from medical school. As we all wrapped up in our careers, we’ve  used Facebook, e-mails, and sporadic text messages to keep tabs on each other, and note any major life events. 

I was quite surprised when one of these friends asked me about the blog. Mostly because I figured this blog was mostly for me, and not many people outside of the comments I’d see on the posts actually read it.  The main questins were where did it go, and why did I stop posting. I mumbled some sort of response to her, blaming it on the age old excuse of time and work, etc. etc. etc, but it gave me much to think about on the plane ride home.

Although I have been (somewhat) keeping up with the calories on @HealthyFatChick instagram, it is safe to say I let go…

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