Guardians of the Galaxy Film Review

guardians header         “We’re the freakin’ Guardians of the Galaxy!” says Rocket Raccoon and that line will stay with you long after the film is over. James Gunn writes and directs this rag tag group of antiheroes like an Avengers reject crew and it goes off without a hitch. This summer has lacked a little fun at the movies and Guardians of the Galaxy quickly overfills that gap. This is the most fun you will have this summer at the movies and it is all thanks to a big gamble that Disney and Marvel made when giving the green light to this project. It is going to pay off big time, mark my word.
Marvel is in full swing of its next phase in its cinematic universe and it could not be going better for them. Each film keeps on getting better and better and we have yet to feel that they are just regurgitating what formula works with each previous film. We are getting different films all with different high points and low points and styles of storytelling and writing. May this recipe continue to work for them with all their future projects.
Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? They are a thief, assassin, maniac and 2 bounty hunters that all end up at the right place at the right time and this is where the magic begins. Star Lord (Chris Pratt) leads this unlikely group of anti heroes all whom have known some sort of pain and loss which takes them each to the place they are at now. We have Gamora (Zoe Saladana), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Disiel) all on the tail of Star Lord which gets them all thrown into jail where Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) joins the picture and that is where the story takes off. The promise of a big payday and the death of a certain villain catapult this team into action.
Ensemble casts sometimes can fail because there seems to be that one person that dominates screen time and everyone else is just there for fluff but in Guardians of the Galaxy it is a perfect balance throughout the entire film. Now there is a lot to digest during the 2 hour film from heroes to villains to storylines and back stories all while you are witnessing a sort of space opera of beauty, action, and music. Yes I said music! The soundtrack is flawlessly integrated into each scene that it encompasses. We have a wonderful mix of 60’s/70’s pop rock songs that add a lot of meat and potatoes throughout the film, and this film has a buffets worth of meat and potatoes in it, so much that there is even an all you can eat dessert bar at the end.
Let’s talk Villains now! Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace) has got be one of the best baddies I have seen in a long time. He is just so EVIL that it makes you cringe when he talks on screen. Then there is Nebula (Karen Gillian) who is Ronan’s right hand woman who is a serious bad ass on screen. Every time they take the screen you are mesmerized by how evil and hateful they are. There is another baddy but I will not spill the beans on that one. You will have to watch the film to see for yourself.
The film takes off from the very beginning and before you know it the 2 hours are over and you want more! You want so much more. Filled with such an array of characters other than the cast, the film is rich with a variety of aliens, humans and other life forms that all fit in the film perfectly. Guardians of the Galaxy are also full of such vibrant colors and some of the BEST 3D I have seen in a long time that it is not only a mindful journey but a visual one as well. All your senses will be tickled throughout the entire film. There were times where I wished the pace of the film would have slowed down a bit just to let all soak in and be able to digest all that is being given to us but that was not the case. The good thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that it can almost be a standalone film. There are a lot of plot details that are connected with all of the other Marvel films but if you were to come into this film a Marvel virgin you will be just fine. I am sure your movie compadre will bring you up to speed.
To sum it all up this is a great film from beginning to end. I warn you though; Rocket Raccoon and Groot steal pretty much each scene they are in. The comedic attitude of Chris Pratt is a constant through the entire film and that keeps it very light hearted while at the same time keeping its meat and potatoes feeling. I have done my best in giving you a spoiler free review of the summer blockbuster we have all been waiting for. As far as saving the Galaxy these Guardians have a tough fight ahead of them but I can and will say that they may have just also saved the summer movie season!



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