Snoopy 2015!

From the mind of Charles Schulz and the animators at Blue Sky we will be given the chance to enter the world of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. From comic strip to TV to some feature films many years ago, 35 to be exact, we now are lucky enough to be privileged to see the gang in this beautiful new technology.

The first trailer left us with so many unanswered questions as it should, and now the second trailer is out we have even more questions! Arghhhhhh!!!!! I personally love this! The intrigue, the not knowing, the suspense! Not enough movies leave anything to surprise us at the movies anymore. We can thank the internet and movie bloggers like myself for this and i do apologize in advance. However I try to keep as little spoilers as possible when i review. Back to Snoopy and the gang.

I like most of you have a soft spot for Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Their countless comic and books have been a staple in our lives and mine especially since i was born. Charles Schulz was hesitant to lend his name and property when approached to make the film. Why? Well we have all seen our beloved characters cheesified throughout the years in feature films and I know a lot of us we skeptical when we heard about the big screen adaptation of the Peanuts gang.

For one i must say I love love what they did with Snoopy and the Peanuts movie so far! Blue Sky is responsible for Ice Age, Rio, Epic and Robots took on the delicate task of bringing the gang to life. Result so far is a remarkable blend of 3D animation and 2D effects to life! Blue Sky has won on so many levels and we only have the 2nd teaser trailer. I hope they keep the story a secret until the film debuts Christmas 2015! As a die-hard Snoopy and Peanuts fan i give them my stamp of approval and happy we will be able to share them with fans of all ages! I predict we will be talking about the wonderful film for years to come!


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