Trailers giving it all away!

I can sit and watch trailers all day long. Seriously, i can sit here on YouTube, Yahoo Movies or IMDB and watch trailers back to back to back. I love the mystery a trailer, the intrigue, how it should and i say that loosely now, “should” leave you a little boggled as to what the upcoming film is about. The “trailer” should not tell the whole story or give up any possible surprises of the upcoming film. At first i thought it was just being a little picky with all these new trailers coming out before these big tentpole Hollywood movies but i started to here it alot more. Even in the theatre i can here fellow movie goers commenting that they don’t even have to goto the movies anymore and just watch some of their trailers.

There are plenty of examples at my disposal and here a couple. I am all for getting the audiences attention but lets not give away the farm now. I understand that alot of the stories nowadays that are going to the big screen aren’t anything completely 100% new to us but gosh darn they are new to the big screen and how we will see them on the big screen. How about leaving a little for the imagination. This goes out to the big players out there like Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount to name just a few.

Thankfully we have some directors out there that like to guard there work like Fort Knox until the film is released. Directors like JJ Abrams, Chris Nolan and Steven Spielberg like to keep the plot details, pictures and trailers to the bare minimum when it comes to their pictures. I feel the studios either have little faith in the audiences or even less faith in the pictures they are making. I do not see it getting anybetter for those of you who are like me and want to keep the mystery of the film in the trailer. With the internet and people posting spoilers all over the place it is a little hard to keep everything underwraps these days but we can surely do our best.


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