Welcome home Spidey!


      Spiderman comes home, and we all couldn’t be happier than ever. News broke last night when Sony and Marvel/Disney announced their collaboration on a set of new films.
What does this mean for the existing films on their lineup? It means that the Civil War plot line is becoming complete.


Spiderman is a beloved character in the Marvel Universe and the world has been asking, no Demanding he comes home after the Sony film franchise lately has been a huge disappointment. You don’t think so? Well, you’re pretty alone on that one. Now Marvel Studios will be able to give it the Marvel touch and start over…again, third times a charm!


Don’t get me wrong, the first couple films with Sam Raimi at the helm were pretty good, actually they were great. The 3rd film just had too much going on, you got lost in the film but not in a good way. When The Amazing Spiderman was released so was a new storyline and it was also met with little fanfare. I mean they were ok, but you don’t want OK for Spidey! You want gosh darn amazing!
Marvel has been in a roll and it has been attaching quality people to all of its projects and we know now that they will handle the new Spiderman films with white gloves. If not, we’ll the fans will revolt and storm the castle and kick out the Mouse.


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