Spoiler free movie marketing, does it exist?

Shut up and take my money is the usual consensus when it comes to most summer blockbusters  year after year. 2014 wasn’t the best year as far as box office numbers but it then again there were some slim pickin’s. This year and 2016 look to be record breaking years with some HUGE titles coming out all year long. From the popcorn flick to the indie films to the regular ol romcom there are some great titles and talent on the horizon. So what is my gripe then with Hollywood and more specifically their marketing techniques? Stop spoiling the whole movie before it comes out for the love of cinema!!!

In the age of the internet i know this almost impossible because of all the publications, news channels, entertainment channels, fan boys and bloggers like sharing and posting all the cool news coming from the set and leaked images. That’s all great and all because it creates a sort of viral buzz for the film and helps us spread the word. What grinds my gears is when the studio themselves begin to pretty much put the entire film in the trailer! There are some directors that are very secretive with their work and will not allow the beans to be spilled and for this we love them! Ahem…JJ Abrams is one of those such individuals. Much respect to him and those that follow suit!

We all know everyone is here to make money as there are millions of dollars vested with alot of these films and studios. That being said, you do not have to resort to pretty much putting it all out there. At least wait for the film to premier and have one weekend out for the public to see. I honestly love the feeling of getting surprised as i am sitting their in the theater and hearing the audience ooo’s and ahhh’s when something is revealed on screen. This is happening less and less because with all these featuretes and exclusive clips the studios are putting out there along with the full trailers you are pretty much seeing the entire film in a 5 minute span.

Now where is all this coming from you may be thinking to yourself…The last straw came last night as my wife and I were watching the MTV Movie Awards and they showed an exclusive clip of the Hulk vs Iron Man fight. Now we all know they fight, and damn do they fight good, but we didn’t need to know the context of the fight scene yet and they killed it! Lets fast forward to this morning where the wonderful guys at Marvel and Disney decide to put another clip of Hulk and Black Widow. For the love of cinema stop!!! When will this madness end? Most of these films do not even need all this push because there is already a huge enough fan base and their word of mouth has already spread enough to pretty much guarantee a huge box office take.


When is too much too much though. When you begin to see the fans revolt (like this) and start post for them to just stop sharing too much information about the film. I remember when The Dark Knight came out everyone was tight lipped about The Joker until after the film premiered. Alot of other films have followed suit but somewhere out there someone thinks its a good idea to go post galore until the cows come home. Where and when will this end? Probably not anytime soon so for now i will stay clear from any more promos especially until the Avengers comes out.


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