Day dreaming about the first time I can sit and talk movies with my son.


I began blogging almost 2 years ago because I wanted to share my opinions and thoughts about movies and connect with other film lovers and fans. Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated by movies and how they can just transport you to another world-I’ve been known to spend entire days indulging in different worlds via the cinema. I am about to embark on the most epic of film franchises all of time: FATHERHOOD! I have shared a lot of this journey on my Instagram and other social sites and have received a lot of love throughout these crazy 8 months. And according to everyone we know this is only the beginning!  As I write this my enchanting wife is 36 weeks pregnant lying next to me singing to our son in her belly.

Every now and then I find myself daydreaming of the moment when I will be able to sit down and begin to show my son the cinematic masterpieces that I grew up with hoping he feels the same way i do about movies. I have but one fear, that he won’t share the same love of film as I do. Now what? What am i to do? Is all hope lost? No….no it is not because I will start him at an early age without him even knowing it! Ha! Take that! How you may ask? Well, there is nothing like the background noise of Jurassic Park during feeding times or the swooshing sounds of Luke’s light saber as I sit with him trying to put him to sleep. Now I am not sure how my wife will take to this idea but for now it is a seed I can plant.

The bond between a son and his dad is a special one and I cannot being to explain how scared I am yet how happy and exciting it is at the same time. As a first time daddy I feel blessed to have such a great support system here it is almost unbelievable. This little guy is already so loved by so many people I know we will be just fine. Growing up my father passed away when I was 6 and it was just me and my mom and I’m amazed at how she did all on her own. How she was able to raise me and give me everything i needed and more. I never felt that i was missing something, sure there were sometimes when it came to materialistic things but she did a spectacular job of keeping me grounded.


It turns out my grandparents from my mother’s side had the same love for films that i do. My mom would tell me stories that they would always go to the movies, often seeing the same films over and over because in Peru at times wouldn’t get new films as frequently as they would here in the US and local productions weren’t as abundant (this was in the 40’s and 50′ mind you). Talking to my mom now she has given me a tiny insight on what it was to raise a little boy. “You will daydream a lot my son. she tells me. “about all things and experiences you want to give him and you will make a lot of them happen.”

What will we talk about when he is ready to talk film? What will he like? Will he have the same reaction as I did the first time I saw Star Wars or will he try and fake us out by being too sick to go to school the first time he watches Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? (I tried it) It is funny because he is not even here yet and I am already looking at 3 or 4 years into the future and he hasn’t even been born! He needs to get here first and tackle some pretty important things like, walking, eating solid foods, potty training, reading and other very much need motor skills before we can sit and have movie marathons where i show him the classics. Still I find myself fast forwarding to that day I sit down with him, hold his hand and watch his little face as he watches for the first time (that he can remember) these and other movies. I also sit and day dream of so many other things he and I will enjoy and maybe things that I never liked but i will open my mind if he likes them to be supportive and show him it is a two way street.


Now to wait, wait for the big day when I get the call that she is in labor and I will  become every movie cliche for first time dads as I freak out and go nuts getting her to the hospital. God knows we already fit the cliche about building a crib which only took me and my  group of friends about 4 hours to put together. With each passing day I will be one more day closer to holding him in my arms and experiencing parenthood. Oh wait! I love Parenthood. That’s a great movie…and show! Maybe it’s a good time to revisit a classic.

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