Weekend Box Office Results Furious 7 dominates yet again! #Furious7

4 weeks in a row at the number 1 spot! Furious 7 is demolishing the international box office and has reached the $320 Million mark already here and will easily cross into the $350 Million territory this upcoming weekend. The 7th film has a total box office of ….. drum roll please… $1.3 Billion dollars! As some of you know already the 8th film has a release date and production is sure to start sooner than later. Lets see who comes back for this one. So far Vin Disel, The Rock and Tyrese are on board. Next weekend will belong to the Avengers with a projected opening of $250 Million (by me). It was released last week overseas and has made a little over $200 Million. The sequel to the adorable Mall Cop is coming in 2nd place. Paul Blart Mall Cop starring the very goofy Kevin James is just an all around funny and fuzzy movie for a family to enjoy if you want a senseless chuckle. In 3rd place we have newcomer Age of Adeline which is the tale of a young woman who is rendered ageless after an accident. After many years of being alone she meets someone who complicates her ageless life. It stars Blake Lively and Harrison Ford. It’s great to see a nice variety of films this year. On the other side there were some great indie flicks that deserve your attention. They are as follows: Ex-Machina, Clouds of Sils Maria.

Here are this weekends numbers

1. Furious 7  $17.8 Million Total $320MM

2. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 $14.7 Million  Total $43MM

3. Age of Adeline  $13.2 Million (New)


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