Darth Maul Fan film worthy of your time! #DMApprentice

So i am sitting here doing my continuing education for my Insurance License and what do i see pop up on my twitter feed courtesy of http://www.heroichollywood.com. This amazing fan made film that honestly is right up there with the Star Wars films! What is the one thing we all loved from Star Wars Ep 1 Phanton Menace? Darth Maul! Yep, and we really only got a small dose of him before he was killed off. We know for a fact that the character was deserving of  more screen time and a fuller back story but we did not receive one.

We will be getting a new Star Wars movie pretty much every year until 2020 with the next 2 episodes and spin off movies. Next up is Rogue One A Star Wars story which is already one of the most if not the most anticipated movie of 2016. The Force Awakens broke all sorts of records at the box office and the DVD comes out April 5th.

Now lets get to the bottom of this epic fan made film!

Here is the link to article and one directly to the video.







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