United We Stand, Divided we fall… #CaptainAmerica #CivilWar teasers!

War is upon us and you must choose a side! The 3rd installment of Captain America is almost here. May 6th will be here before you know it! We had a great teaser trailer debut earlier this year and now it looks like we are getting a full trailer tomorrow! The Russo brothers have stated that we are going to see something like we have never seen before from a Marvel movie! A darker movie, a longer movie (clocking in at 2:26 min.) a deeper movie than ever before. They did such a great job with The Winter Soldier we are all so eager to see what they did with such a full and complex storyline.



The Russo brothers are also attached to the next Avengers movies so that is going to keep them busy in the Marvel word for some time. They clearly have a great eye for these types of movies. So far early screenings are giving great positive buzz on the movie which is bringing up the hype level! Here’s to hoping they don’t release too much in the trailer tomorrow.


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