Croquetas & Carrots: Keeping It Healthy at Hispanicize!

Any of you going to be at Hispanisize 2016? #hispz16


Miami, land of the sun, sand, and croquetas. This weekend we saw the first snaps/hashtags/tweets from influencers arriving in Miami for Hispanicize 2016!¡Bienvenidos!

Local hotspots like Downtown Miami, Wynwood, and the beach were the first stops for many of our favorite out-of-towners like Monique Fausto of CurvesandChaosLorraine Ladish of Viva Fifty, and Lizza Morales of XoxoLizza. But we can’t ignore Miami’s greatest, sometimes cheapest, and most unifying attraction: THE FOOD. From medianoches to pupusas, you can find cualquier antojito que se te antoje, and most of the time, it’s only a phone-call or Uber ride away! Just in Downtown you have ceviche, burgers, tacos, ropa vieja…okay I’ll stop now.

I’m not here to tell you NOT to indulge…most of you are here visiting after all, and who I am to tell you not to give in to the seductive smell of  un cafecito paired with a warm, buttery tostada. Coño, I live…

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