This weeks pick of the week review! #UnPadreNoTanPadre

To say that this film caught us by surprise would be an insult to it. The trailer does it very little justice which means you will have to see it to understand our our review and oh how we hope you do see it this weekend and tell your friends to see it as well after you have raved about it. I can say that this film will catch you off guard and romance you into falling for it head over heals. You heard me right! You will fall in love with Pantelion Films and Lionsgate & Televisa Un Padre No Tan Padre. We did.

This week we screened the film at our local South Beach Regal Cinemas with special guest my mom and some of the cast! We had the honor and privilege of having the main actors  Jacqueline Bracamontes (Alma), Benny Ibarra (Fran) and Hector Bonilla (Don Servando Villegas) introduce the film and stay for the screening. My mom was a little star struck and impressed they stayed and took pictures with some of the crowd. She loved it laughed alot and also shed some tears. Now to the movie!

Yes this is a Spanish language film with subtitles and some Spanglish mixed in to it so please do let that turn you off. One thing I enjoy about the movies is being swooped off my feet and engulfed and engaged in what we are watching on the big screen. Un Padre does that right from the beginning as you get a brief introduction to Don Servando Villegas (Hector Bonilla) as well where and how he ended up almost 90 and in an old folks home because none of his kids wanted to take him in. From there the film flows nicely and the story takes off as he is kicked out of the home and has to move in…well you can read the synopsis below.

We enjoyed the mix of spanish humor and how each of the characters living in the commune house have good screen time so you are able to invest a little time into them. They are well rounded and you get just enough information as you need about them. Alot of great back and forth and flashbacks help keep the film going and give it some meat and potatoes so you don’t feel left out in the wind. Around here is where you begin to understand why his kids left Don Servando Villegas in the home and you also begin to wonder why as well. Your heart may take a little beating here as well but that is ok. It will be better as there is such whimsical interactions with everyone in the house as they all get a taste of Don Servando and his winning personality.


We will not spoil the whole film because we are hoping you go and see it for your selves. Un Padre No Tan Padre really delivers a great message and we like to see it as a coming of age movie but in the typical teenage style that we are so used to seeing. This is the coming of story of a man and his family after having lived a full life and seeing there is still more to live for.

Un Padre No Tan Padre opens nationwide this January 27. Check your local theaters for showtimes and snacks.

[Benny Ibarra as Fran, Jacqueline Bracamontes as Alma, Camila Selser as Carla,Sergio Mayer Mori as Rene , Arturo Barba as Bill, and Eduardo Tanus as Memo in Un Padre No Tan Padre Photo Credit: Daniel Daza courtesy Pantelion Films]


Set in the stately and majestic colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, this quirky comedy starring Héctor Bonilla, Benny Ibarra de Llano, Jacqueline Bracamontes and Sergio Mayer Mori, follows 85-year old Don Servando Villegas (Héctor Bonilla,) an old fashioned Mexican patriarch who gets kicked out of his retirement home for bad behavior. When his estranged son, Francisco (Benny Ibarra de Llano) is forced to take him into the house full of hippies he shares with his girlfriend and young son, “new age” collides with old age as Don Servando and his son Francisco experience a series of conflicts and situations that puts their home’s stability in jeopardy. Un Padre No Tan Padre is a story about family: the one we’re born into and the one we create along the way.

The film is directed by Raúl Martinez and produced by Gerardo Gatica’s Panorama Global, Alberto Müfflemann and Moises Cosió. The film is executive produced by Distant Horizon’s Anant Singh and Brian Cox. Anant Singh, President of Distant Horizon said, “ ‘Un Padre No Tan Padre” ’ is a hugely entertaining film and we are delighted to be partnering with Pantelion Films to bring it to the US Latin audience, a market in which they are leaders and have a successful track record. We are pleased to be continuing our relationship with Gerardo Gatica and Alberto Müfflemann at Panorama Global, with whom we previously co-produced “ ‘Kite’ ” and “‘Remember.’ ”


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