A “block” buster in the making! Our #LegoBatmanMovie Review is here.

Another Batman movie? Why? Why oh why are they making another Batman movie?!? Well this just isn’t another Batman movie, it is a Batman movie in Lego form, it’s the Lego Batman Movie and it proves that the success of “The Lego Movie” wasn’t just a fluke or lucky shot. A lot of work went behind both films and it shows up on screen for all to see. The film is directed by Chris Mckay (Robot Chicken) with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on the producing side this time around and story by Seth Grahame-Smith. As you know we will make sure not to spoil the film for you so here is our spoiler free review of The LegoBatman Movie!

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As the opening credits begin to roll you will begin to grin and that will lead into a whole lot of laughter until the very end of the film. First of all someone needs to recognize Will Arnett for his work as LegoBatman because he is downright hilarious, dark, mysterious, and the hero Gotham needs right now. WB Pictures along with Warner Animation Group and DC Films have outdone themselves with this project. Some even say this might be the best DC Comics film and save the DC Universe altogether. (I have 10000% faith in Wonder Woman coming out later this year BTW) Back to the film we go now. Rounding out the cast is Zach Galafianakis as The Joker, Michael Cera as Robin, Rosario Dawson as and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth. You will also hear so many more familiar voices including Mariah Carey, Jenny Slate, Billy Dee Williams, Jonah Hill, Seth Green and Conan O’Brian to name just a few more. Whoa!

With a cast like that you may think this will be a bloated and overstuffed film with everyone trying to get some screen time. Not at all! Everything just seems to fall into place just fine and the story takes off right off from the beginning. Batman needs to save Gotham because that  is what Batman does and that shouldn’t change even in the Lego universe right. Right! From the trailers you have already some of what you are in store for though i will say that was only the tip of the iceberg in our opinion. Will Arnett is Batman and this Batman is also Will Arnett if that makes any sense. He plays this role full throttle Arnett style to the max and its fantastic. The film is pretty fast paced and will hit you (POW) every chance it gets with great one liners and swift writing (BANG) in the story it is trying to tell.

What is the story being told? In a nutshell it’s Batman finally letting people into his life and coming to terms with his past  and looking forward to his future not being alone. Here is where the heart of the film is exposed and you will adore it. The writers have given us so much material to soak up by giving all the characters wonderful equal love that no one feels left out. By the way all the villains you will see in the film are real DC characters from the comics. You can google it, i dare you! Lets wrap this up so you can get on with your night.

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The LegoBatman Movie is pure joy for the entire family. From your littlest one to the comic book nerd fanboy son/daughter or husband or wife will appreciate all the little details hidden treasures throughout the film. It is equal parts hilarious and heart warming. Yep i said it, a heartwarming Batman film. The film has a pretty fast pace and that is part of the magic that makes this work so well. It does not waste any time dwelling on random facts or details it gets to the point and is able to tell a superb story.

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The LegoBatman Movie opens this weekend 2.10.17 Nationwide.

See you at the movies! I’m the one with all the snowcaps.

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