One last time…Our Logan review is here!

This is the Wolverine film we have all been waiting for since the first time we saw him on screen in the first X-Men film 17 years ago. It has not been an easy road for the comic book genre of films because honestly how can you put all the mythology and back story from so many years of publications and story lines into a 2 hour film and make everyone happy. Marvel has done a good job in creating their universe but their villains lack depth but hey it works for them so why mess with that formula. DC Films and WB pictures have suffered at the hands of critics because the studio doesn’t know how to stop meddling in their own projects. The X-Men have also suffered from the multiple stories trying to be told all at once and the time traveling and now a new reboot that is set to continue the Apocalypse story line as well as a couple of other spin-off films about to take flight. Where does this leave our title character who has managed to survive these last 17 years in the X-Men universe? It leaves him with one hell of a brutal and gritty sendoff for Logan.


Set in 2029 Logan takes us to a place where we will not see any airships reigning down from space trying to take over the world or bounce us around trying to spoon feed us a bunch of subplots that end up going nowhere. Logan is set in a place where mutants are all but extinct and the X-Men are but a distant memory after a major event some years ago that involved an ailing Professor X. What we have here is a stripped down, bloody, brutal and sentimental version of a character we all have grown to love and admire.

Hugh Jackman has owned the Wolverine role from the very beginning and the fans have noticed and have stuck through film after film. When this project was announced the air around here was a little mixed because how do you take such a deep and graphic series and put it on screen while doing it justice and satisfying the studio, actor, creators and most importantly the fans. In this case you call upon James Mangold to steer the project in the right direction along with the promise of an R rating so he can be true to the material. The result is Logan! One of the best adaptations that i will not even call it a comic book film because to do so would be to not give it enough credit for what it really is. What is it? It’s a fantastic film that is able to blend a lot of what we admire of the character and a lot of what fans have been wanting to see. A troubled, not so perfect man that has done many bad things and at the same time saved the world just as many.


We will not be going into much detail since we always like to give you a spoiler free review so lets wrap this up for now. Hugh has gone on record stating that is his last time as the Wolverine and if that is 100% true then we could not be happier. He lets it all out here on screen and once you see it you will understand why. The love he has for Professor X and regrets he has for his past events are all exposed for you to see in a way that is rarely seen when someone brings these characters to life. We are also introduced to Daphne Keen as X23 who just from the trailers has received so much praise for her role and we haven’t even heard her talk! I mean how does that happen!?! Daphne nails this role and we hope to see her in future X-Men projects since there are a handful on the horizon. Whether they find a way to add some continuity here or not she has a following already so listen up 20th Century Fox and Marvel!

Logan is as brutal as it is tender. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself March 3, 2017.




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