Go Packers! Lets give Ryan Mess and his son this win!

As a dad of an amazing almost 2 year old I cannot imagine having to see our lil guy in pain or suffer. As a dad it has been great finding online communities like Life of Dad (https://www.lifeofdad.com/video/exploding-golf-ball/) among many others. Life of Dad has been and continues to be a wonderful place to go to in order to see what other dads are sharing and it is also a good place to seek help and information. The news is not always good as it may at times be about the loss of a child, depression and child illness. The news may not be good though the support is always there ten fold. So sometime last year we came upon this little guy. (link is below)


“My son was hospitalized twice in his first three months of life due to RSV and respiratory issues. I was able to take FMLA leave from work to stay home with him while his immune system recovered. To break up the monotony we took to having “Monday Movie Madness” days each week where we would watch a movie/TV show and dress him up as one of the characters. We learned he is very tolerant!”

– Life of Dad User, Ryan Mess

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So long story short we have received an update that the little guy is doing much better and now they are part of a contest to be featured on the official Greenbay Packers Ticket! Lets help the win! How? Well let me tell you! Follow the link below and VOTE! That is it. Easy peasy right.
Lets help this Ryan Mess and his little family out and get them this win! Go Packers!
If you want to learn more about RSV check out these links.

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