Pantelion Films next Movie, 3 Idiotas Opens June 2nd.

For many years now Pantelion films has been bringing us great films and 2017 is no different. Their impressive catalog of material has been winning over the hearts of audiences all over and now they have set their sites on the American market. As a latino blogger, father, and movie goer/fan we have been wanting, no demanding more latin culture at the movies. I don’t mean the generic roles Hollywood normally puts us in but leading roles that aren’t so stereotypical and I think you know what I mean.

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How does 3 Idiotas fit into all this? It is the next film in line from Pantelion Films that looks to have us all rolling on the floor laughing out loud come June 2nd. The story follows a group of college friends who embark on a journey to find out what happened to one of their own who disappeared the day before graduation. The trailer looks like it will be a ton of fun with some heart.

Image result for 3 idiotas

A group of life-long friends go on a wild adventure full of laughs, in search of one of their closest college buddies who disappeared without a trace a day before their big graduation day. Five years after graduating college, Felipe and Beto decide to search for Pancho, their long lost friend who was the undisputed leader of the pack. The three friends, all engineering students, go through unforgettable times together during their wild school days, forging a strong bond which proves capable of withstanding even the most unexpected obstacles!



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